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Christmas Update 2015

December 24, 2015

I showed up at the Live Different base without much information about the group that is spending their Christmas break building houses for two families. My friend, the leader, was sick and needed someone to lend a hand so he could rest. I haven’t done a lot with the organization this year but I know how to chat, eat some yummy Mexican food and lead a discussion about their first day of building. Turns out they are from the same area that my family lived in during my high school and university years. And they sing like angels. I have been missing four-part harmony and Christmas carols and the other night I got treated to some good old Southern Manitoba Mennonite singing that warmed my heart and had Lyla joining in.


Sisters. So much love between these three.

It has been a year like no other. I had a baby and became a stay-at-home mom. There have been many ups and downs. It has been a joy to be a part of the three girls growing up. A baby’s first year is quite incredible plus I have two girls that are entering the transition to teenagers. So nursery songs and tween boy-band music are both regulars on the playlist here. But to be honest, going from independent career woman to stay-at-home mom hasn’t been all roses and rainbows. It has been an adjustment learning to live on one income and not getting ‘paid’ for all the work I do. Lyla spent a scary week in the hospital at two months with pnuemonia and we are constantly on the watch for the tiniest sniffle as she has been prone to respiratory infections. The monotony of cleaning and cooking and cranky kids gets to me some days but then moments like Lyla leaning over to kiss me on the cheek for the first time happen. Or seeing Yiria get into the Narnia books, or listening to Genesis excitedly chatter away about basketball practice that day, or the big girls voluntarily turning off the tv and begging me to play a few rounds of Phase Ten with them, or Lyla giggling as Pedro swings her. Those are the moments I live for and remind me that my labours of love are worth it.


Same place. Six months later. We got a chance to return to Winnipeg in July to introduce Pedro and Lyla to a Canadian summer and spend time with my friends and family.

In the fall I helped teach some of the social justice classes with the Live Different Academy. It was strange not being as involved as I have been in the past but it was great to be able to be part of it in some way while still getting to be part of Lyla’s first year.  I am so blessed to have been present for almost all my baby’s firsts. Even if it means I didn’t have money for a frappe on a hot day or that Lyla has a bump on her head from falling or that I had to dislodge the toy blocking the toilet. It has been a year to remember and treasure.


At 11 months, Lyla is happily walking around the house and exploring everything she can get her little hands into.

After Christmas my family and I will be helping lead a house build with a Live Different group. I am looking forward to getting more involved with them again whenever possible and am thankful that I am able to do many of these opportunities with my family. Because these days I am all about family.


My apologies that I have not been able to update my blog regularly this year. My computer died and my blog updating options now are time consuming which with a baby that demands my attention, it was easier to just take a break. But I wanted to send Christmas greetings and let you know that we are doing well. May God’s love fill your hearts with peace and joy this Christmas and throughout the whole year.



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